​Tool Shed and Firewood Shelter

Utilitarian yet aesthetic. These two shelters were a pleasure to build. We used regional Douglas Fir that oxidizes into beautiful and rich deep rose tones.

The firewood shelter features an elevated floor which allowed us to push it back onto a sloping rock, while making it easy to retrieve wood. It also keeps a healthy air-flow under the floor to ensure the floor has a very long life and that the fire-wood cures quickly. We used clear roofing material to provide an abundance of natural light, making the shelters feel like part of their forest surroundings.

The tool shed has loads of shelving and storage space, maximizing the use of its small footprint by extending shelving into the upper front wall of the shed roof structure. A steep roof pitch aids in shedding cedar and fir needle debris and the large overhangs on both buildings guarantee dry storage space and longevity of the wood plank walls.

Sturdy, useful, beautiful yet affordable. Let me know if I can make one of these for you!