Customer Feedback

​We remain in awe of the custom reno work Mark has done for us over the past year and a half. Yes, it’s that good.
On a daily basis, we so enjoy the transformations he’s made to our home.

From our first consultation with him to the finished product, all of our projects with Mark have ended up exceeding our expectations, sometimes in the most unexpected ways, so of course we have no reservations in recommending him. He is truly equal parts skilled, experienced craftsman and creative artist.

He is also an excellent communicator, deeply conscientious and is only satisfied when we are. To that end, his choice of woods, and sense of aesthetics contributed at the planning stages, and even more as the project took shape.

Thanks, Mark – we look forward to working with you again soon.

P and S
Pender Island, BC

Having Mark do my renovation was a pleasure from beginning to end.​

As well as being an experienced and talented craftsman, Mark has a creative and conceptual mind which enables him to think outside the box and tackle issues that might be problematic for less-skilled builders. He has a strong aesthetic sense and is able to translate a client’s wishes into practical designs that are beautiful and within budget. The interior finishing he did in my entrance way and bathroom with clay, locally-milled and re-claimed wood is exquisite, particularly his use of live edge pieces.

Mark is courteous and respectful and willing to collaborate with clients and involve them in the building process to whatever degree they are comfortable. He has a wealth of information to share about green products, permaculture, Japanese architecture, and alternative building strategies as well.

Mark is a conscientious, thoughtful professional who works hard to get the job done in a timely manner. I very much appreciate the positive attitude, artistry, and the spirit he brings to his work.

Yvonne M.
Pender Island, BC

Mark did a beautiful job of creating a custom surround for my cedar hot tub.  A lot of creativity was involved in designing the best solution given the location.  He was thoughtful and purposeful and always open to my ideas as well.  He was meticulous in his work, always cleaning up at the end of the day.

He was also very pleasant company and I enjoyed conversing with him while he was here.  I will definitely ask him to do some more projects for me that require a similarly creative and out-of-the-box approach.

​M. P.
Pender Island, BC

Mark did a remarkable job on our kitchen counters. We hired Mark late in our renovation and he approached the project with creativity and flexibility. Mark had great ideas to improve the look and functionality of our kitchen all with an eye to keeping the materials local and environmentally friendly. On top of everything else, Mark is good company, which I cannot overstate the importance of when you are in the middle of a stressful renovation!

John & Jaime
​Pender Island, BC

Mark Benson built a shed cover for my 5th wheel.  What a great job….included designing and procuring the lumber needed!  He built it combining careful considerations to functionality, cost, and appearance.  The shed looks great and is highly functional.  I highly recommend Mark to all.  Thanks, Mark!

John Chapman
​Pender Island, BC

I have been pleased with the work Mark Benson has done on our Pender Island property over the past few months. I first met with him last fall to discuss possibilities for several small construction projects. He listened to our ideas and suggested a few options for us to consider. I learned that Mark is knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of areas, including new and innovative construction methods, household maintenance and repairs, and organic gardening. I was also impressed with the photos he sent me showing his craftsmanship and aesthetic sense in fine woodworking.

During the winter I called Mark for help with an urgent structural repair. He was prompt, reliable and efficient, and solved several problems creatively at a minimum of expense. More recently, Mark has designed and built several raised garden beds for us, from sourcing locally milled cedar to building, lining and filling the boxes. He has excellent communications skills and is able to clearly explain what he is doing as he goes. We were pleased to learn from Mark about a permaculture strategy he suggested that would help to retain moisture and sustain soil health over time.

It has been a pleasure to work with Mark so far, and we will continue to call on him for future projects.

Patricia H.
​Pender Island, BC

Mark Benson is wonderful to work with. Besides being a consummate carpenter, he has a strong artistic sense. Having lived in Japan for many years, he has been influenced by the clean lines and attention to detail; he brings out the natural beauty of whatever medium he is working with, be it rough cedar or burnished copper. He has a strong work ethic, does what he says he will do, when he has promised to do it. He loves his work and takes the extra time to get it right – sometimes he had more patience than I in teasing out the effect or the design we were searching for. He is a good collaborator, listens carefully and presents solutions which are often surprising, delightful and beautifully simple. Anything he does is unique to the situation he is working in – you will not find a better working partner in creating functional beauty in your life.

Chris B.
Victoria, BC

Hi Mark,

I am happy for you that you have found a new niche and will be able to offer your skill set to clients in British Columbia, it is however Alberta’s loss.

I, for one, learned numerous amount of skills under your guidance and supervision,while working as a volunteer every Sunday for a period of one year at your former workplace. You made this a great experience because of the depth of knowledge and experience you demonstrated in straw/clay house building, woodworking, clay plastering and other aspects of eco-building.

You are meticulous in your approach and research every aspect of a skill before going into action; for example, you shared the why and how on the optimal techniques for clay plastering and helped us learn the proper application and finishing technique.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone interested in having this type of work done.

Eric G.
Lethbridge, Alberta