Practical Pump House With a Touch of Style

The clients needed a 100 sq ft pumphouse built to serve as the heart and starting point for developing a new piece of property. They however didn’t want a pump “shack”, but something that both looked nice, performed well and maximized interior space for storage. 

As they had a quantity of cedar planks, we chose to go with a burnt cedar siding exterior (ancient Japanese technique that provides rot and bug proofness with no maintenance and no chemicals), with reclaimed cedar windows and a former show room, fabulous fiberglass door that they got for an even more fantastic price.

We designed the pumphouse with a shed roof for several reasons; it maximized interior storage space potential (no collar ties and high front wall with huge storage potential via intelligent custom shelving), it was simple and set at a 6/12 pitch to make it self-cleaning for cedar and fir needles. We built generous overhangs to keep the walls and foundation dry in the hardest of rain. Roofing material was 12″ standing seam metal for a nearly perpetual no-maintenance roof. The bottom of the shed was skirted with drip-capped metal to further ensure that the there is no ground level deterioration due to rain splash or vegetative wetting.

We went with high insulative value, Roxul insulation so the pumphouse could maintain plus temperatures with little to no energy input.

Foundation to finish, a great project that was met with great satisfaction by the owners as well as the plumbers and electricians that used it as the heart junction for all the new services.