RV Modified for Full-Time All Season Living

This project entailed making additions to an RV trailer to prepare it for full-time, all season, off-the-grid living. 

Modifications included installing a tiny wood-fired heater normally used on boats and refitting it with a DC powered fridge/freezer. Along with boring the wall and constructing a removable, insulated chimney on the exterior, a heat shield needed to be constructed to satisfy code with limited setback potential. Working with the client we created a polished copper curved heat shield feature with stone and gravel floor heat protection. After installing the DC fridge, I made a rich-looking copper inlaid  Japanese scorched cedar fridge and freezer door overlay to celebrate the many years the client had lived in Japan and her love for Japan’s aesthetics. We also coated the entire RV as well as the fridge/freezer with a revolutionary nano-particle film finish which dramatically adds insulative value but comes in the form of a transparent thin coating. Good results have been reported as the clients are now comfortably living off-grid in the interior of BC at high altitude.