Artistic Live-Edge Railing

Absolutely loved doing this project. The clients are among my favorite, always eager to add more “functional art” to their home and a delight to work with. 

The elements for this railing seemed to just line up. A couple pieces of plum tree trunk, some live-edge cedar of the right width and nice color, larch flooring availability, and all the unique shapes spoke up and made their best orientation and usage known (it really does seem like wood has a voice some days). What was once a rather boring and drab entrance is now bright, cheery and an entirely unique and inspiring welcome to this home.

The project also included replacing single pane aluminum windows with rich and warm, wood, sealed, double pane windows and an aluminum sliding door with wood, French doors. I wanted to find a unique way to trim these and their interior passageways to give the house a woodsy, timber-rich feel. We settled on sculpted window headers and elegant yet robust trim made from locally harvested Pender fir, with all its rich colors and features.

This is great example of how relatively minor renovations can make a home feel like a completely different, new and exciting space.