Douglas Fir Wedged Through-Tenon Timber Frame Bed

Loved this project for several reasons: awesome clients, because I love doing timber frame joinery and because the clients left the design and outcome a complete surprise for themselves until the end, which they loved. Through-tenon, screwless joinery has an attraction that is nearly inexplicable. 

There is something about seeing the wood appear on the other side of the joint that makes one feel intrigued but also very secure. The arbutus wedge pegs offer a final touch of class and interest.

Apart from the aesthetics, the clients commented on how much better they sleep just because the bed is so solid and has no flex across the width like their previous bed and no noise. With the frame made to replace the boxspring, there is generous wicker basket storage space under the bed, highly desirable in this smaller room.

Project was made entirely from sustainably harvested and milled Pender fir. Let me know if I can make one for you to your custom specifications!