​Double Live-Edge Stair Railing and Shoji Door Closet

Knowing the client was looking for a unique stair railing, I had to meet the right piece of wood that would speak to me, and give me a vision for what the railing could be.

Then I found it, in a waste pile at a local mill…. With some planing, scribing and shaping, it became a lovely feature in this quiet forest home.

This project also included a Douglas Fir live-edge topped, entrance closet with Japanese sliding shoji doors. These doors slide on wooden runners in channels cut into a wood bottom plate, as shoji in Japan traditionally were made. Instead of using rice paper, which can be somewhat subject to puncture, we used a fabric with an appearance and texture very similar to rice paper but with greater durability. Some built in drawers below the shoji doors, add to the functionality of the closet and aesthetic balance of the feature.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project as the client was delightful and it opened the potential for so much creative expression.