​Oceanside, Steep Driveway Cedar Hand Railing

Like so many Pender homes, this one has a crazy steep driveway, that only the owners know how to negotiate in their vehicle. Their guests park above and walk down. As the owners and their guests are getting older, they wanted a safer and easier walk-in potential for their steep driveway.

The project was challenging as a very strict railing line had to be observed to allow for a precise vehicle bumper clearance while at the same time being within arm’s reach of the concrete wheel paths/sidewalk. Placing footings in rock, while dodging trees, with many compound mitered joints later, we had a delightfully simple looking but very easy to use handrail complete with a string-light holders and post end grain protecting caps for railing longevity. The railing was finished with pure tung oil cut with citrus solvent, providing a non-toxic, easily applied and highly protective finish that will require no sanding or scraping in the future, simply re-application of the natural oil yearly.